Warmest Greetings,

God has been so faithful, and it is this time of reflecting on his birth which makes us long heavenward for His return. Another year marks another season of blessings which we are happy to report.

Augustine has embarked on his second year of homeschooling and has a deep thirst for understanding the world around him. He is gifted with articulating very detailed observations and sweetly vocalizes these thoughts often times when mom is wearing a new outfit or when dad gets a haircut. With interested siblings in tow, we started a field trip co-op this year and enjoyed visiting places such as the aquarium, an orthopaedic office, a nearby chocolate factory (especially fun for mom!), Durham’s Life and Science Museum, an exclusive human body exhibit as well as fun adventures to tour the fire station, our local city bus route along with hiking trails and frequent library visits. We have relished pouring into their academic interests, but mostly we are honored to walk alongside of their spiritual journey and shape their character to know God in an intimate and passionate relationship. In this discipleship aspect, Audrey Jane has especially grown in friendship and has a strength of investing in quality time with others. We have watched her progress from dependency at home to flourishing with bosom buddies. It is been a sweet treasure to us watching her caring spirit and desire for companionship. Similarly Hugh has burst into a wellspring of verbal communication! He is full of words as well as hugs and kisses in which we have learned that he loves expressing love through physical touch (which we have affectionately named ‘snuggle buggling with Hughie’). Joy had the high privilege of attending a missions trip to Uganda for two weeks this summer in which she spent time loving on precious orphans, teaching music at a local school in a rural village as well as helping lead a small women’s retreat for the orphanage care providers. She is currently carrying our fourth child and we are elated for this forthcoming birth in early June. Shaun has worked diligently on writing a history for our church as well as humbly accepting the call to ordination. The new reverend spends his time teaching both undergraduate courses as well as a four year old and adult sunday school class. As the year comes to a close, we are reminded that our earthly time will also one day cease. We are so grateful to leave meager attempts of God’s glory in our lives and cannot wait for the day where we will meet perfection as displayed in triune Godhead face to face. May his presence bring you great peace and joy in 2016.

All our love,

The Prices