before I forget all her jane-isms. I want to post a few of my favorite at present. 

-jane has self-proclaimed her new name as janie or audrey janie. we have no idea where this came from (I was expecting her new name maybe when she went off to college?) except that she loves adding an additional ‘ie’ to most every word. 

-jane will often be found in her princess crown or princess shoes (on both feet!) whilst napping or after we have put her to bed for the evening. 

-she LOVES meat. often times I’ll order a hot dog and augustine will eat the bun, jane will eat the hot dog. same with cheeseburgers. SO convenient! she could easily eat a package of bacon and loves to just snack on luncheon meat. 

-jane is a wonderful helper with Hughie and is so ecstaticly excited whenever he awakes each morning. 

-jane loves to sing ‘old macdonald had a farm’ each night before bed. and every night, she always picks a pig for the animal of choice (relation to love of meat? I don’t know!). 

-she is obsessed with the color pink, and loves most all stereotypical feminine things. 

-i decided on a whim (actually it was after I spent way too much money on diapers and wipes at sams club today) to potty train jane. we’ll see how it goes. 

-she sleeps about 11.5 hours at night an almost an hour nap after lunch. 

-our current focus with jane (we have had a variety of focus points throughout her existence) is wearing one outfit a day, and one pajama a day. oh the drama of these instructions for her! 

-unlike her brother, jane loves to ask ‘why?’ all the time…

-jane is helps a lot around the home, she vacuums, unloads/loads the silverware/kids plates & cups,  helps hang up her clothes in the closet, clean the playroom as well as wiping down the table/doorknobs & other tasks I ask her to do. we love it when she obeys the first time 😉

-a conversation just a minute ago~
me: “Jane, can you bring me my water bottle?”
J: “I’m busy right now!”

(can’t imagine where she heard that one…)

love our only girl. I’m really thankful for the exuberance of life she brings. we are praying for her heart to come to know Christ in an intimate way at an early age. Image