Dearest Friends and Family,

We are so thankful for each of you and blessed with another full year of activities and experiences to report. Our God is faithful and we praise Him for continued provision and guidance throughout a transitional season of moving back to America from our home of 3.5 years in Aberdeen, Scotland UK.
Hugh William Price was born on April 22nd, and he is such a gift. He is full of smiles, giggles, and utter joy. We frequently comment on how unreal it is to have such a laid back child who can so easily accommodate to various surroundings and circumstances. He sleeps and eats well, and we could not be more satisfied with his presence.
Audrey Jane is full of life. She turned two in june and adores all things feminine. From tea parties, to babies, to painted toenails, to the color pink, Jane delights our hearts with her squeals and brings much vibrancy to our home. She has taken to ballet and we love watching her twirl around our living room.
Augustine turned four in July and is quickly becoming a young gentleman. He is a great helper around the home and completed his first term of homeschooling. We are proud of him for easily making new friends and for his continued prayers for fond friends he left abroad. He enjoys racing play cars outside and helping mom bake goodies in the kitchen.
Joy is in her second year of working part time on a PhD in Philosophy which focuses on Thomas Aquinas’ use of the goodness of God. She has faced a challenging year leaving behind lifestyle and a community of friends in Aberdeen, but has tried to make new roots
in Wake Forest by participating in various bible study groups in the area. She took a bread making class this year and has started making bread from freshly ground grains.
We praise the Lord for Shaun’s completion of a PhD in Practical Theology from the University of Aberdeen! He has also agreed to publish his thesis with Paternoster Press. He is working very hard teaching adjunctively at Louisburg College, Johnston Community College, and Southeastern College. We are praying for a full time position for him in the year of 2014. He has become proficient tickle monster and a most requested bedtime story reader.

We feel very humbled to have the Saviour of the world come to earth for this human race, and pray that as you reflect on his gift to us you will be find peace and comfort for your homes. Please let us know how you are doing by writing or emailing joymichelleprice@gmail.com.

Warmly yours,
The Prices