Hugh turned 4 months old today, and he is absolutely dreamy. i love him so much. I really and truly feel that The Lord gave him to me to brighten my spirits in a season of transition. He is the sweetest gift, and we truly do not deserve him. His disposition is so sweet and joyful most all the time. When I’m prone to be weary, I just give him a quick glance and he just smiles and laughs. I’m so thankful for him.
He can half-way roll on his side. and loves his siblings. His hair is growing super fast, and he is learning to jump and stand up in his jumperoo thingy.
He did get his first little sniffle yesterday. He’s had his first runny nose, fever, and cough today. Poor wee soul. I hope he is on the mend soon.

Father, we praise you for giving us the gift of Hugh. We truly believe he is just that- a blessing from you for our joy and delight. We are in love with him. Thank you. Please help us to raise him well and have him come to know you at an early age. May his passion for you increase as he gets older. Amen