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Awhile ago I read the book, Shopping for Time by the Mahaney gals (Carolyn and her three married daughters) and really enjoyed the opportunity to read about ways we, as women, waste our time and ways we seek to use it well. The book recommends taking a personal retreat once or twice a year (perhaps in a plush hotel room for the weekend or on a simple park bench for a few hours). You can swap watching kiddos with another mum or ask your husband for a day to sneak away to a quiet coffee shop. The point is to create some time and space where you will not be disturbed or distracted and evaluate how you are spending your time and how you can change your current lifestyle to better glorify God.

The book suggests creating a list of your priorities (stemming from our biblical identity in Christ) and then evaluating each category based on your growth/lack of growth in order to determine simple plans to change to be where Christ would have us. Chapter four highlights this scheme and suggests picking one area/category in which to improve rather than becoming overwhelmed with implementing new solutions in each arena you have listed.

Shaun has been working on his thesis a lot recently and we are excited that he has submitted it yesterday! Today he is enjoying the kiddos and provided me the full day for this type of retreat! I have compiled a tentative list of my priorities (stemming from the suggestion in Carolyn’s book) and included it here for you to adapt for you own time away.

Let me know if you follow through with the trying this out- I’d love to know what things the Lord taught you and where you were challenged! I also highly recommend reading Shopping for Time if you are looking for a quick and inspiring read.

Thanks for checking in!

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