this morning I woke up rather under the weather, jane fell off the couch slamming her head into the living room table, Augustine had a royal attitude and was rather disobedient, the car battery was acting up (canceling my errand runs) while Shaun had already left out of town for the day.
I asked the Lord for help, took some medicine, emailed some friends asking them to pray for my sinful disposition towards the morning, and read some biblical truth to renew my mind.

I found this quote to be particularly insightful:
The most important thing as a mom is the tone in your home, that tone of joy and gladness. Your kids will know it. Your husband will know it. No matter what you say, they’ll know if you’re happy—fundamentally a happy person. You can’t fool children. You can tell them all kinds of things but they know it, don’t they? That gladness comes fundamentally not from our circumstances but from the gospel. From knowing God. From knowing what God has done for us. Then we’ll be thankful.
The Lord allowed us our first large snowflakes of the season. So we are choosing joy and drinking tiramisu hot chocolate with whip cream, jumping on the bed, and watching the pretty outdoors. It’s choosing to teach our children to thrive in the goodness of what God has provided for us.