Leftovers from breakfast. Yummy porridge, tea, and milk. (I hid ground almonds in there and they didn’t even know!)


A special juice picnic inside.


Augustine is fixing things in the house, and Jane is making sure her baby is well taken care of (note the nappy on her).


A 3:45pm bathtime. Because it was getting too boring up in here, and besides, bath foam is awesome.


Just an hour til Shaun comes home for dinner and saves the day again…. Happy sigh.

UPDATE: I think it would also be fair to note that should this post appear think that our family is super “put together” and fun, then that is slightly ironic. there were lots of non-photographic moments (loads of house chores, jane more edgy recovering from a virus, augustine’s accidents from potty training), so I decided to make the most of it, and create/cherish the fun ones with the camera. I am leaning on grace today and thankful for the moments where we could choose joy! 🙂