Today Shaun was asked to pray in church. He had carefully spent time preparing a written prayer to read aloud to the congregation in order to properly address the more current needs of the church. After the first two worship songs, Shaun exited out from our family sitting on the second row to take the microphone and begin reading his prayer to our Maker. It was a proud moment.

yeah. that is until Augustine realized that indeed Shaun had left him. And daddy was standing up in front of church, no less, without augustine! He started screaming and convulsively crying. I whispered in his ears that Daddy was praying for the church. To which, he then repeatedly screamed aloud, “I don’t want Daddy to pray!” and cried even louder. So a gracious friend helped me to usher my children out and then while I was in the corridor correcting Augustine’s behavior, they announced we were expecting another child.

is that not comedy or what?! I can’t help but to laugh. and shake my head.