[Grateful to my close friend, the amazing Sarah Niemann, for designing this announcement, check out more of her work at her blog, Now Brought Near (AND she’s expecting too! eek!)]

We are super thankful to our Maker for the gift of another child! I am 13 weeks (and a day) today and feeling wonderful. We had our first ultrasound yesterday to confirm a healthy thriving little baby. Praise God for His goodness to us.

Little details:

I am totally showing, which is fun. For awhile I thought (read: *hoped*) I was having twins, but apparently having three children close together makes the stomach muscles a bit accustomed to the pregnancy tummy. In fact, one friend at church came up to me and commented on my being pregnant, and I shockingly asked how she discovered our secret news. She replied by pointing to my increasing stomach, “It’s a bit obvious”. Ha! I love it.

I was unwell until about 9.5 weeks (hence lack of blogging), but am very thankful to be recovered from nausea. Apparently eating loads of protein did the trick for me. [read: bring on the steak! ;)] I’m still a bit tired, but that very well may be from taking care of two little ones. I certainly have so much to be grateful for! It will be interesting to see what the gender will be since I was not sick at all during Augustine’s pregnancy, and rather sickly until 15 weeks with Jane’s pregnancy. Shaun has almost convinced me not to find out the gender this go around. Don’t hate me if I falter and cave to my OCD planning tendencies. But I think we’re going to try to hold out. In Aberdeen, the midwives are not allowed to reveal the gender anyhow, so we would have to pay about £70 for a private ultrasound if I decide we must know. But, we’ll see.

We’re not sure on names yet either. Shaun is leaning towards a scottish first name, and I’m not opposed. But I don’t like Hamish or Angus or other majorly strong names he keeps jokingly suggesting (no offense to those who might possess those names, just a bit too british for my taste). I like classy more common names (note: Shaun suggested Augustine and I suggested Audrey Jane). Feel free to throw a name suggestion in the pot. We’ll consider it. I just stumbled upon a baby names blog which is an interesting read. Apparently you can submit your baby name query, and this lady “solves” your baby naming problem.

The kids are more or less nonchalant about the pregnancy. Augustine is able to understand that I am expecting and has suggested the name, “baby augustine”. We veto’d two children with that name, naturally. To which he suggested the name, “baby Jane”. silly kid. When we initially asked him if he wanted another baby, he replied, “No, just jane” and carried on playing with his cars. Fortunately, he has since become more excited and enjoyed looking at the ultrasound pictures from yesterday.

Our plan is to give birth here in Scotland. Augustine was born state-side, and Jane was born in Aberdeen. Augustine’s delivery was nae bad, and Jane’s delivery was supery fast, so that would be freakin’ awesome if I scored that again. I really enjoy the services the NHS provides for us. The midwives handle all pregnancies, and I enjoy the more natural approach to bearing life (rather than it being viewed more akin to problem). I’ve had my first scan (ultrasound) at 12-ish weeks (though the scan revealed we were 13 weeks!) and I’ll have another at 20 weeks unless I should medically need another.

I think that’s about it. or at least all that I can think of off the top of my head.

We really appreciate your time and care for us to read about our latest news and are crazy siked to continue to share with you more about our growing family. We covet your prayers during this new season and are so grateful for the friendship each of you have given to us.

More to come!