I mentioned about a month ago that I would be taking a blogging break to write my dissertation. Well, the day has come, and by the grace of the Lord (and a wonderful husband/body of Christ) it has been submitted! Whoo hoo! I’m so excited!

A thesis presented for the degree of Masters of Letters in Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen….

I think it is important to think critically about why we believe what we believe. When a non-Christian asks about issues of ethics, life, death, final accountability, eternal security, etc.- I want to be able to articulate a rational and biblical response.

Some of the issues I discussed in this essay include:

-What is involved for a person’s identity? (Is it their mind, soul, body, or a combination of two or all three joined together?)

-What do philosophers John Locke and Thomas Aquinas suggest is the best status of the soul?

-What are the ethical implications of affirming an emphasis of the mind for moral accountability and personal identity?

For those who may be interested, I have included a pdf copy of the dissertation for you to read through here. (Views on the Soul: Aquinas Vs. Locke)
 [NOTE: please do not use, reproduce, or cite this paper without permission]

Even if you don’t skim the essay, I would encourage/challenge you to take an evening to think and discuss such issues to try to flesh out your response to these tough questions. Perhaps pick up a copy of a modern philosopher’s thoughts on the soul or an intro to metaphysics book to try to contemplate how you would address a contemporary view of the soul from a biblical perspective.

Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement- it was such a huge blessing!