We attend a group called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) every tuesday morning in Cults. I have the blessing of attending a small group to discuss questions about God’s word with other women as well as a lecture on the scripture studied and a brief time of worship music. Meanwhile the kids are in separate classes learning a condensed version of the same verses of the Bible that I am studying!! We love this opportunity each week and are so thankful.

Yesterday, the preschool group came on stage to show us some of the songs they are learning. Augustine did really well for his first time on stage (especially since he had been up since 5:30am! [He has a non-contagious cough that won’t budge]). I could tell he was really worried until he saw me in the audience (I was waiving at him in the back row mind you). But after privately talking to him later as to his negative response to his teacher’s instructions, he said it was “very scary” up on stage. I think one day we will all have a good laugh. But poor guy just did not want to do what everyone else was doing! Oh well. I’m still really proud of him for learning about God and choosing to glorify God by listening to songs that worship Him.