I love having parties. I think it is so much fun for christians to fellowship well. With my 25th birthday around the corner (and being away from my family in the States) I decided to turn a quarter of a century with a bang! A dear friend was also turning 25, so we planned a tea party together.

We created both formal invitations (Molly designed them and put them together beautifully!) and an invitation through evite.com with the details listed as follows:

You are cordially invited to a celebration of the 25th Birthdays of Mrs. Molly Edwards and Mrs. Joy Price.

The party features a tea tasting, an assortment of fine ingredients for your creation of new tea flavours and bath teas, and a sampling of delectable desserts and light snacks.

The elegant nature of the party requests your appearance in a fun or fancy frock (skirts and dresses!). [Note: This party is just for the ladies, leave the men at home this time, they’ll understand.]              RSVP ASAP via the evite promptings.

Here’s the Pinterest board I compiled for most all of our inspiration.

We decided to make our own tea baths similar to Hello Naomi blog. I purchased these self-seal tea bags and printed off these free bath tea labels (which we heart hole punched to tie to the tea bags)!

Sarah, from nowbroughtnear, helped me compile fun pamphlets for directing the details of the party. It included the benefits of the various tea ingredients as well as fun recipes for compiling a tea flavour & tea bath. [We borrowed some of the recipe ideas from Eteaket and the Olde English Tea Room]. Here’s one of our little helpers …

Here is what they looked like: Tea Party Booklet PDF Copy

We also made fun little place-cards for each of the ingredients. And a picture of the final table decorations on the tea ingredient table…

A picture of a completed one:

We also had a tea tasting. Here were the instructions for the ladies:

Tea Tasting: There are four unique Macbeans teas for you to taste. Select a teacup and saucer for the evening. Pour a small spot of tea to sip. Use the tea tasting wheel and Macbeans Pamphlet to discern your answer and write the title on the page included in your packet. Repeat these instructions for each of the three hot teas. Select a mason jar for the evening and try a spot of the cold tea. Write your answer accordingly. Answers will be announced at shortly after 9pm and a winner awarded a lovely prize for the most correct answers.

Check out Macbeans Teas and this Tea Tasting wheel! We also had syrup waffles to put atop their tea cup- these are so yummy when the steam from the hot tea melts the syrup inside. We felt it was fitting as well as to have the movie Pride and Prejudice playing in the background.

Molly made the most amazing tea wreath.

In addition to the food, we had conversation starters on cute little teaspoons called “tablespoon talkers”.

Another friend, Crystal, kindly offered to do my hair…

…and my sweet friend Leah gave me this dress she made herself! Here’s how it turned out:

It was seriously an amazing time and I couldn’t have asked for better friends to share the celebration along beside of me.

Here’s a fun video to recap how everything went down.

Thanks to sweet Vicki Palmer for letting us use her house to host the party, as well as to lovely Ruth Hasan for making delicious cupcakes for us, and fun Claire Crothers for allowing us to use her grandmother’s English rose teacups. And to my dear husband for his love, time, and simply being himself.

The End.