I recently finished an essay on Locke and the soul. I think it is important to think critically about why we believe what we believe. When a non-Christian asks about issues of ethics, life, death, final accountability, eternal security, etc- I want to be able to articulate a rational and biblical response. 

Some of the issues I worked through in this essay include:

-What is involved for a person’s identity? (Is it their mind, soul, body, or a combination of two or all three joined together?)

-What do philosophers John Locke and Rene Descartes suggest is the best status of the soul?

-What are the ethical implications of affirming an emphasis of the mind over the body for moral accountability and personal identity?

Here (click on this link: Locke on the soul) is a copy of the paper if you are interested in a more in depth look at these questions. If you don’t skim the essay, I would encourage and challenge you to take an evening to think and discuss these issues with someone you admire to try to flesh out your response to these tough questions. Perhaps pick up a copy of a modern philosopher’s thoughts on the soul to try to contemplate how you would address a contemporary view of the soul from a biblical perspective.