I’d love to try to start praying for my husband on a more consistent basis. If I am not praying for him- who is?!

A friend and I have joined together to write out our prayers (in a private blog) and keep each other accountable to praying more frequently for our spouses. How easily it is to forget to fervently lift up the needs of those we see everyday.  I know Shaun better than anyone else and have the high honor and privilege to intercede on his behalf. I want to be a wife who is regularly on her knees in prayer.

I thought I would post the first prayer out loud, perhaps to give you a suggestion for lifting up the needs of your companion (Here is a helpful calendar to spur you on to pray day by day).


Thank you for providing Shaun for me. Thank you for allowing me to have six and a half years of knowing him as a friend and believer. Thank you for allowing him to lead our home in such wonderful godliness and care. Thank you for his consistent efforts to protect our family and financially provide for our every need and many of our desires. Thank you for saving him. Thank you for allowing him to choose me as a wife. Help me to live up to a wife worthy of his character. May you use the days allotted to us in 2012 for your glory. Keep us far from sin. Help us to rely on your Holy Spirit for guidance. Lead us in sanctification and a pursuit of holiness. Help us to hunger and thirst for righteousness. Help us to avoid distractions which would keep us from your truth.

This year is a pressing one for Shaun. Help him as he writes the final touches on his dissertation. Help him to be efficient with his time and enable him to produce excellent work. Help him to distinguish between the areas that he should spend time and research with and to disregard those arenas that would distract him from the task at hand.  Help him to be an example of a man who studies theology well. May you use him to minister to others in the words he writes. Help him to have wisdom and discernment in the editing process. Grant him grace, mercy, and your strength when he becomes weak in his own energy and resources. Guide him and draw him intimately closer to you through this opportunity. Help me to find ways to joyfully sacrifice time in order to provide him with more opportunities to work. Help me to think of creative avenues to encourage him and cheer him on towards his goal. Help me to be a consistent and steadfast prayer warrior on his behalf. Help me to be a good listener and learner of the facets that are of interest to him. Help me to be a student of Shaun Price.

Help me to be a good help-meet in his journey of sanctification. Help me to be a good forgiver when he sins. Help me to be a good example of biblical love. Help him to have patience with me when I hurt him, help him to have the grace to embrace me when I have wronged him.   Allow our conflicts to help us learn more about the gospel. Help us to leave a biblical portrayal of marriage for our children. Help us to love well.

I ask that you would prosper this effort (of posting prayers in blogposts) to be fruitful. If not, help us to discern a better outlet to glorify you well in our role and calling as wives to these incredible men. Thank you for your goodness.

I love you