Our dearest daughter has reached 6 months. We are so enjoying getting to know her better and see her personality blossom. She is such a gift from the Lord and we give him all the credit for being able to cherish each day with her presence.

Similar to her brother, on the 6 month mark, our children get their first taste of solid food (namely, bananas). You can see Augustine’s experience of this here.

Here’s a few videos and pictures of the exciting event.

I love that she sounds like she saying “good”. so precious.

Check out more photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66234020@N06/sets/72157628430267659/

Dear Father, we praise you for Audrey Jane- thank you for utterly humbling us with this undeserved gift of life. You are a good. Please continue to show us how to raise Jane to be a godly worshipper of you. Amen.