Augustine is growing and changing so fast! As such-I told Shaun I wanted to take some time to compile a sheet or two that will help me to cater towards his interests and development. I am quick to resort to watching a movie when he gets bored, or ushering him towards too much independent play. Instead I want to invest my time intentionally in his life. Movies and independent play certainly have their place in our life, but I want it to be balanced along with all the other wonderful options he has to absorb about life and godliness.

So… two weeks ago I planned a night to sit down and go through my pinterest “Helping my Kids” board in order to plan out our week. There are loads of ideas on pinterest if you haven’t checked out this wonderful resource, hop to it! I also decided to plan out weekly activities for more flexibility rather than a day-to-day schedule as our plans change pretty quickly. I sectioned the categories into what I value for Augustine right now: reading, spiritual time, hands on activities, and learning the alphabet. In a separate document I made a chore chart for us to work on as well. These two sheets are mounted onto our kitchen door so my husband or a babysitter can utilize these ideas when they are around Augustine.

In case you would like to do something like this…..ta da, I’ve included it for you. Since it is a word document, you can cater it towards your family. 🙂 Just click on the hyperlink below:

FuN FoR AuGuStInE!  What Chores Has Augustine Helped with This Week?

I’d love to know if you already have a similar method that works for your family- let’s hear it!