I’m currently working through “The Promised One” by Nancy Guthrie in my personal time with Jesus. great book thus far.

This morning I read this quote after a reflection on the creation account in Genesis 1-2:

God is a spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth- Westminister Shorter Catechism

Guthrie asks, “How does this help us to understand some of the ways Adam and Eve were made in God’s likeness, and yet not exactly like him?”

Great thought to ponder. Guthrie challenges the reader by answering this question:

“God chose the most lowly and humble matter possible–dust from the ground–and infused it with the most significant and glorious of all substances–the breath of God. Through we are made of dust, we are more than dust, we are spirit because God breathed into us some of his very own breath. In fact, we are still dependent on God for every breath.” (see Job 34:14-15)

“God created humanity in his own likeness with a magnificent destiny in mind. From Genesis we learn that we were made in God’s image so that we might be God’s representatives in his creation to do what he had done: the creative work of forming and filing and the administrative work of naming and naming and subduing. (See Gen 1:26-28)”

What a thoughtful reminder as we can so quickly succumb to a prideful way of forgetting our dependence on God. May we choose today to glorify Him through joyfully participating in the acts in which we are made in His likeness.

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