Shaun and I are taking a marriage course at our church. The authors encouraged us to be pro-active in appreciating each other and be on guard against taking each other for granted. I typed up a quick list of different things I appreciate about Shaun and emailed it to him. I would encourage you to do the same for your spouse. This post includes a sparse few of the ways my sweet husband has been a blessing to our family in just the last 24 hours. [Note: though this seems like I have the best husband on the planet (which I think I do), Shaun is still sinful on a regular basis- the point of this exercise is to concentrate on the good that he does for me and our family rather than concentrating on his weaknesses]

-cutting all the red peppers so I can have a quick, healthy, yummy lunch
-preparing dinner with me- so it isn’t burdensome,  but actually romantic and fun!
-watching Jane so I could have an easier morning with augustine and a relaxed baby because she was able to sleep at home while I was out.
-finishing changing augustine’s nasty nappy (reason: self- explanatory)
-drinking the smoothie I made you- it is so affirming that you eat the healthy foods I prepare. it honors me as your cook and it honors me as your wife that you care about your body to put in good foods
-emailing stephen- I appreciate that you take leadership in arranging the details of meeting about starting a small group.
-working online: so thankful that you are such a good financial provider for us- all our bills are paid for solely by the hard discipline and efficiency of your hands
-my sleep partner- love resting with you each night.
-letting me sleep in. what a blessing after a hard night last night
-taking the clothes off the line so I could relax
-honoring my request to set the mood for dinner preparation with soft music and a cold drink last night- it genuinely communicated your concern for me
-asking how things went with the friend I had over and focusing your attention with your eyes and non-verbals to make me feel loved
-taking out the trash
-doing the dishes so I could skype with my sister and finish up jane’s bath
-noticing and complimenting my efforts to clean up the building’s hallway and outdoor garden
-letting me go to the mall yesterday with augustine and watching Jane- what a simple pleasure for a stay at home mom!
-watching the kids while I took a shower this morning- whew, I would not have it altogether if it weren’t for you
-locking the door last night and showing me how you desire to protect our family from harm in the little ways
-praying with me yesterday morning
-gmail chatting me yesterday to ask about my day- what a blessing to know that someone cares about my mundane tasks
Man, I’ve got a steal when I married you. love you Shaun Price!
What ways do you recommend honoring your husband? I’m always up for helpful tips!