A Godly friend from home recently wrote this article regarding how God has been teaching her to act on what she knows to be true rather than on her emotions or feelings. How often I am guilty of this! I regularly (sad to admit!) respond to my husband out of my impatience or anger instead of giving him a loving response which I know scripture exhorts of me. [insert a thousand other sinful examples of my life here… ] Penny elabortes,

God has been teaching me from day one of my spiritual journey, that what I know is supremely more important than what I feel.

My feelings are deceiving.  My emotions are dependent on whether I have had enough sleep; whether my husband is giving me enough attention; and whether it is rainy or sunny outside.  But my feelings and emotions – compelling as they may be – are not to rule my life.  Whether I am riding high on the mountain of success, or muddling through the valley of discouragement – I must daily submit these feelings to the truth of God’s word.

Before Jane was sleeping through the night, I distinctly remember that I had to make a conscious choice to honor God and His word during chaotic circumstances [even though my sleeping body wanted to snap at my family] if I wanted to show that my life was committed to Christ. Penny further comments on this truth

No matter how I feel today about Jesus or my husband or my children or my duties at the seminary or my church – I am still going to do what I know I should do.  I will read my Bible, I will pray for and minister to my husband and my family, and I will serve Jesus in the tasks big and small, planned or unexpected that come my way…because the love of Christ compels me (2 Cor. 5:14).

So thankful for wisdom from women more experienced than myself! If you have any practical tips for living this out, feel free to leave a comment!

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