Since moving to aberdeen, we’ve adjusted to having much more rain than hot days of wake forest. Though I enjoy the calm and peace of a shower, I’ve also learned to take advantage of a sunny day. This was one such occasion. I thought it’d be fun to have a proper tea party rather than typical cuppa british breakfast.

After hanging my clothes out to dry and mowing the lawn, I brought out a white flat sheet (easy to bleach later šŸ™‚ ) to cover the table and a few roses in a vase. a china set, a pot of white peach tea, one yummy batch of outrageous chocolate chip cookies, and a jug of water made a delightful atmosphere ready for conversation and laughter.

for the kiddos I set out some napkins and plastic cups/forks. a sharpie made its way around for the kids to claim a cup for the afternoon. in addition we pulled out a water table and let them run around splashing in their swimsuits.

It was so neat to be able to share the home God has given us with friends. I hope to have more dainty-like gatherings more often…