Oh oh oh. you must make time for this. 1.5 hours. Plan for it. Make it a date with your husband, or during naptimes or get up early and schedule to watch this!! I am overwhelmed with the contagious resource Nancy Guthrie has become for sharing about the fruit that comes from digging into God’s Word and knowing Him intimately. I also loved reflecting on the goodness of God to give me two wonderful children. I don’t deserve them, but I am so thankful He has seen fit to let us have them- blessed be His name!

Girltalk shares a bit more about this clip:

DG Live with Nancy Guthrie

The above interview (click on the hyperlink listed above) with Nancy Guthrie from Desiring God Live is both comforting and compelling–in particular the first half where she shares her testimony of God’s grace in the midst of the grief of losing two children. Here is a brief introduction to Nancy from the DG blog and the video is below. We’d encourage you to watch or listen:

In today’s modern world, few parents have to face the bitter task of burying a child that they love. But David and Nancy Guthrie have faced the grave twice now, burying two children who lived only six months.

When Nancy gave birth to a daughter, Hope, in 1998, club feet, extreme lethargy, an inability to suck, and a number of other small problems hinted at something more significant. On her second day of life, Hope was diagnosed with Zellweger Syndrome, a rare metabolic disorder that is characterized by the reduction or absence of peroxisomes (cell structures that rid the body of toxic substances) in the cells of the liver, kidneys, and brain. There is no treatment and no cure for Zellweger Syndrome and most children with the syndrome live less than six months.

For Nancy, her husband David, and their son, Matt, the diagnosis was devastating and disappointing. Hope’s brief life—a life of only 199 days— made a significant impact on them and those around them, causing them to dig deep into their faith to make sense of such suffering.

when you finish watching, feel free to comment about how you enjoyed it.