so it’s been awhile right? I traded blogging for extra sleep and time with my newborn- I’m sure you can relate. It has been such a joy to have this little baby in our lives. We feel so blessed. Jane is starting to sleep more at night and I’m hoping to slowly work in a few more posts informing you all of what’s going on with the Prices and other topics to help you in your pursuit of godliness.

Like the new look? I thought that might be fun to start into blogging again. Though, like I said, it will be a gradual increase….

Today, I leave you with a video of our dearest Augustine attempting to drink a smoothie without a straw- comedy! (I heard a scot say that word recently and wanted to work it into my regular jargon) Here’s the recipe– I also started eliminating the syrup from the ingredients and sneaking in cod liver oil and coconut oil (and he doesn’t even know the difference!).

Well readers, I’ve missed you- let’s reunite. grab your coffee. Looking forward to catching up over the next few months.

ta ta!