you know you are super pregnant when…
[conversation after Augustine had just eaten a lot]
Shaun: Look, Augustine kinda looks like you (laughs as he says it)
Me: How so?
Shaun: See how his shirt is getting too small for his tummy so that his belly pokes out at the bottom?
Me: Not cool…

You’ve heard to drink a lot of water when you are pregnant, right?

When I was pregnant with Augustine I asked my doctor if I could drink anything else besides water because I am not so keen on drinking 8 glasses a day. He said it’d be fine if I drank juices that were 100% juice. Needless to say I drank enough juice to have gained 10 lbs by my next pregnancy appointment! ha. The doctor laughingly mentioned that I could drink juice with water!

Any funny stories you have experienced with pregnancy?

Thanks for reading!

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