Recently we got rid of a bunch of toys that Augustine had either out-grown or were in our house for far too long. I highly recommend the habit of doing a regular “purge” of stuff that tends to accumulate. We sold them on a website similar to Craig’s List (called Gumtree) and were able to use that money towards new things. Additionally, we now had room for new toys, so we purchased some used ones from a friend for a great deal! Here are some pictures of Augustine with his fun new matchbox cars (for just a £1!) and his new train set (only £3!)- I was super pumped about the inexpensive finds, and Augustine loved his big boy toys! We also ganked some new pjs (£1!) and Charlie and Lola videos (£2 each!) as you will see below. Here’s a few pictures/videos of the occasion.

(and yes, Augustine got a little bump on his head from playing outside, poor guy, but it is healing nicely!)

That’s all- what are your favorite inexpensive finds?