So I’m nesting right? Here are a few more documents I thought you (preggers and friends thereof) might benefit from reading.  I typed these up during my nesting period with Augustine and now I’m re-reading through it for this pregnancy.

[Note: The best way to prepare for labor, delivery, and the newborn stage is through prayer and spending time with the One who created your body to give birth- these are just additional helpful resources to aid in the process]

First, a birth plan (Birth Plan Worksheet). If you haven’t already created one, perhaps try using this as a sample sheet to discuss with your husband about what you would/would not like during labor and delivery. I’d prefer not to defend everything I personally put on this list (as many of my preferences have since changed), but rather offer it as a sample for choices you might consider whether or not you will pursue in your personal experience.

Second, a Call List (When I go into labor these are the people that I want to tell). If you are having heavy contractions- let me assure you that you won’t be on the phone. Why not compile a list of names and numbers and then delegate it to someone to spread the news (your sister, close friend, mom, etc). Here is a sample sheet (without phone numbers) for how to set it up.

Third, a list of things you might need (emphasis on the might). This is ideal for a registry (actually this is where the list came from), but good to double-check if you are making sure you have all that you “need” on hand before the little one arrives. This is what worked for us, and again, you DO NOT have to have everything on this list. Here goes:

-Dr. Brown’s bottles, they are amazing (though expensive, but help eliminate gas)
-Medicine! (register for tylenol, gas relief, vaseline, diaper cream (burt’s bees is good, bandaids, etc!)
-a good stroller with car seat (we purchased a jeep jogging stroller with a graco car seat and loved it)
-a baby swing or seat with vibrator- this is nice to have the baby somewhere else besides your arms
-crib, sheets, bumpers (they make breathable bumpers which are lovely!, mattress, mattress pad, and a crib skirt- I would also invest in a mattress cover that goes over top of the sheets for easy change in case of a blow-out at night
-a glider!
-a boppy
-a wubbanub- these are pacifiers you can get online that you can swaddle into a blanket so the baby can’t spit it out. I also like soothie pacifiers
-a kiddopotamus swaddle me blankets- their velcro so that way you actually don’t have to learn how to swaddle
-a dishwasher compartment for the bottles and accessories
-a ergo carrier (these are expensive, but I love it!)
-a baby sling that is cutsie and fun that you like
-two nursing covers
-some lanolin
-a breast pump (I like the Medela pump in style. But with that said, I got it brand-new at a yard sale for $5.00 from some rich lady in nearby where we lived at the time-  might as well register for one and have someone buy one for you if possible!)
-Milk bags (these are for expressed milk and you can pop them in the freezer with the date/ounce amount, it really doesn’t matter which brand you get as they will all work since it is just to help you label the milk right)
-nursing pads (this is for when you leak- I like the Johnsons ones)
-nursing bras (I love these from target)
-nursing tank tops (I love these from target)
-a good diaper bag (look for one with a lot of compartments)
-diapers!! (don’t bother yourself with the sensitive brand, you’ll probably be fine with whatever you get! we did find though that certain brands leaked more than others- so try out several brands as your baby’s body is unique!)
-a changing mat that you can put on top of a dresser or some place to change little one
-a baby bathtub
-baby shampoo
-a few burp clothes and bibs for spit up
-register for a few fun clothes/bows you like
-maybe one or two toys- but only ones they can chew on 🙂
-register for books! I love- what to expect when you are expecting, babywise, that’s what they’re there for, the baby whisperer
-if you plan to make your own baby food, it wouldn’t hurt to register for a small food processor
-you can go ahead and register for a high chair, but you won’t use it until they are at least 6 months.

What are some of the items you enjoyed having on your registry? If you don’t have children, what are the items you enjoy giving at baby showers?

Thanks for reading, hope this helps!