What to expect when you least expect it

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be sharing with you some of the information I used with Augustine’s pregnancy regarding labor and delivery and those first few weeks/months with a newborn.

Today’s post includes a helpful piece of information on how to get your newborn on a good schedule. The above hyperlink is a word document a friend shared with me that has compiled several helpful sleep training books into one easy 6 page document for your husband and yourself to quickly digest. I highly recommend this document for husbands. If yours is like mine, he would rather me give him the skinny on a sleep training book than to read it himself. This document is super straight to the point and he will quickly understand what is to be expected in regards to sleep training.

We utilized this method with Augustine, and it worked really well- I hope to use it again with baby girl.

Quick funny side story: the day we came home from the hospital, I was crying (crazy hormones) at around 11pm to Shaun about how hard it was to get Augustine to “play” (read the article) because he kept falling asleep. Shaun looked at me kinda silly and said.. “darling, you know that schedule is just for the daytime, and at night you are supposed to let them sleep as long as they can right?” ha. ha. ha. So glad Shaun had read this article to help my crazy state.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!