Per a friend’s suggestion- I am going to give my face a trial of tea tree oil. Supposedly it helps with blemishes and clears up the skin. After working for Pro-Activ for several years, I’ve been exposed to quite a few acne remedies, without resolve. So, I’ll give you an update in a few weeks on how it works. I purchased Dr. Organic’s face wash, so it’s got a few other “pick-me-up” ingredients besides the tea tree alone.

Regardless, I am thankful that today we were able to worship a God who is awaiting our feast celebration to come. Fun (sarcaism) fall effects (like blemishes) are going to be wiped away, and we will be made new; restored to be with Him forever. I’m glad that there is a hope that is to come- much more fulfilling to think on. I’m even more thankful that my internal blemishes (my sin) has already been wiped away by the goodness of the cross.

How has the theme, Christ as our hope, ministered to you recently?

Thanks for reading!

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