Recently my husband was kind enough to bring me home a cherry coke. Though this may not minister to some of you, for me this gift was more than the opportunity to have a good tasting drink, it was an act of love and care. A week ago (or so) he had observed my saying I occasionally enjoy a good cherry coke and noted those words in the back of his mind to follow-up on my desires the upcoming week. It let me know he was listening to what I say, he remembers what I say, and he makes me a priority. He spent his time and money on an item that he wouldn’t normally have purchased because he wanted to make me smile and show his love to me.

I’ve been reading through Gary & Betsy Ricucci’s book, When Marriage Meets Grace, Love that Lasts, and have really enjoyed the challenge to re-think areas of my marriage where I could glorify God better as a wife. In this role as a helpmate, one can look to many passages of scripture wherein we are given the opportunity to be a blessing to our husbands (see Prov 18:22- he who finds a wife, finds a “good thing”; Prov. 19:14- a prudent wife is from the Lord; Psalm 128:3, etc). The Ricucci’s have written a wonderful resource towards helping wives achieve these biblical praises about her (though helpful for husbands too). In a section on prioritizing romancing your spouse, they give a helpful note on gifts. It states, “If giving your spouse a new food processor or leaf rake is your idea of romance, you’re to be commended for reading this far! Practical items like those should be given only if seriously needed or requested. Romantic gifts should appeal more to your spouse’s interests than to his or her needs. What does your spouse enjoy? What are things he or she gravitates to in terms of hobbies, interests, and spare time?” (p.128-129)

Practically speaking- How can we demonstrate acts of love for our husbands this week?

What has your husband said recently that he likes? What does he regularly spend time doing for fun? What little items does he eye when you both are out on a shopping trip? Perhaps he would like a new pen for work, an takeaway lunch entree from a restaurant he has been talking about (and then surprise him at the office), a candle, a new bag of coffee, a mug, a masculine smelling shower gel, a new shirt, an ipod. Sometimes gifts can be small (like a cherry coke) or more expensive (like a commentary set) depending on your budget. Sometimes you don’t have to spend any money! You can think of creative ways to communicate your interest in him by taking note of his interests for yourself. Does he like reading the news? Perhaps read a few top headlines of his favorite news broadcast online and then send him an email or ask him questions about those articles when he comes home. Does he usually receive junk mail (like bills and advertisements) when he checks the mailbox? Why not write him a handwritten letter and mail one to him? Does he like tennis? Try playing a match with him or ask him questions about the game (that he would know the answer) and then genuinely listen to understand the sport better. The possibilities are endless.

Have you given a gift to your husband recently or been the recipient of a romantic gift? Feel free to share!

Thanks for reading!