Since the birth of our second child is drawing near, I am nesting more than ever! Some of this involves re-aquainting myself with familiar books and documents which we used to help with Augustine’s labor and delivery as well as those first few weeks with a newborn. Over the next several weeks, I’d like to share some of this information with you as I know I am not the only one expecting a little one. The following is an example of a document we printed out for all the medical personnel that worked with us to deliver Augustine. As Christians, it is good to develop actions to thank those around us for their efforts to serve us. It is a way to share the love of the gospel with a lost world. In addition, these workers were helping us to see a very precious gift to us, our son- the least we could do was to thank them. We printed out approx 15-20 of these notes and attached them to little baggies filled with non-perishable gifts (we used an instant coffee packet, several tea bags, a packet of hot chocolate, and well as little candies/chocolate). We were able to hand these goodies out to each nurse/doctor that saw us as well as to the ladies who helped to keep our room clean. It was a blessing to us to see their reaction when they saw someone actually cared for them. Assuming I don’t go into labor before I make these, we hope to do this activity again (maybe I can post pictures). Here’s what we said on the note:

Dearest Medical Personnel-

Thank you so very much for helping to care for us and the birth of our son.

We are so grateful for the kindness and thoughtfulness you have shown us

during this stressful time of emotions and physical pain. We so appreciate

you investing your time into providing for our cares and concerns, we could

not do this without your help. We have been looking foward to this day for a

very long time, and are very grateful that you have contributed to enabling us

to receive our newest bundle of joy. May the Lord bless you and your family

for the generosity of service you have displayed to us. We cannot thank you



The Prices

Hope many of you are able to implement this idea as well (feel free to adopt this note towards your own thank you card)!

Thanks for reading!