Sure, unfair title [but aren’t titles supposed to be catchy? and you are reading this post aren’t you…]. Decorating easter eggs is not bad, and can even be a reflection of Christ’s resurrection. But if easter egg decorating is all we are doing there is a problem. I want to make a brief point on our need for evangelism.

 Platt (in the following video) challenges us that if we believe that Christ is risen from the dead (he has defeated death) and provided a way for mankind to have a relationship with a holy God through his death for our sins (undeserved grace and mercy for us), AND we believe that those who do not accept this gift will not spend eternity with our God….

then why do we only celebrate in the pew (Easter Services on Sunday) instead of additionally celebrating by spreading the glorious news?!

Need to be spurred on towards godliness today? Watch this video…

I also really enjoyed listening to Akin’s (President of SEBTS) commentary on Platt’s video as well- check it out at the latter part of this Q&A lecture-

Convinced yet? Let’s go church!

Thanks for reading!