And I’m back! At least for a few posts- thanks for all your prayers and encouragment- what a blessing! Thought I’d use this post to share with you something I learned!

Thanks to my dear friend Margaret- I now have a new remedy for that wretched stomach bug virus that likes to knock on our door occasionally. It is called….. activated charcoal. kinda eccentric? I thought so too. But when I realized that it works to knock out the bug within approx. 24 hours [this is key: who wants that bug to drag on for days?], I figured why not give it a try?!

It also has no harmful side effects, can be used on children (open the tablet and add to apple juice or apple sauce), and is relatively cheap.

For Adults, you simply take the tablet after every vomiting episode (or diarrhea- gross I know) and the charcoal works to eliminate the gases and  toxins that are currently present in your body. It then passes out of your system with the gases and toxins it collected on its way. Unlike other medicines, the charcoal has no direct action on any organ within your body. It also doesn’t absorb into your bloodstream or into your body- so it is safe for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Finally, it is also a benefit with heartburn and indigestion!

Note: It does keep vitamins from being absorbed into your body as well, so only use it when sick and not for extended periods.

Break it down: Uk-ers can purchase this at Grampian Health food Store for £3.69 for 100 tablets (plus £2.50 shipping should you feel like having it delivered to your door instead of going there). Fairly cheap eh? At least not any more than Pepto Bismol. Here is the link 🙂 I’m sure that those in the US could pick it up at most any health food store.

So let me know what you think! What other helpful remedies do you enjoy? Feel free to share in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

All information above is primarily taken from Margaret and  this link.

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