For those of you who keep up with my blog, just thought i’d let you know I am taking a two week (at least) break from publishing blogposts to try to work on my essays for school AND I would love your prayers (this is a little bit vulnerable for me to share, but I think it is good to note here that I most certainly do not have it altogether and am in need of the Lord’s strength, grace, forgiveness, and mercy so many times each day) .

The deal: I have two 5,000 word essays to complete by May 20th, and one 6,000 word essay to complete by May 27th. I am fairly unfamiliar with the topics I am writing on- so it can be rather challenging at times.

Prayer requests:

-Pray that my times with Jesus (journaling, reading the Bible, etc) would be consistent, sweet, fulfilling, and sanctifying over the next two weeks (and as long as I live).

-Pray that I would use my time wisely, not wasting time on facebook, email, reading blogs- whatever! But use each minute diligently to work hard while I am on Easter Break from classes.

-Pray that my time with Augustine would be quality time that I would cherish. (Shaun will have to watch him more often than normal so I can get to the library, etc. [Pray also for Shaun as he has to work more efficiently in his schoolwork since he is sacrificing time for me to work on mine (psst…if would like to help with Augustine, we won’t turn you down!)]) Pray that I would glorify God well in my priorities: daughter of God, wife, mom, student. Pray that the Lord would provide for Augustine during a crunch time for his parents (not that we have it altogether during non-crunch times anyway).

-Pray that when I am inclined to be overwhelmed by the subjects which seem over my head, I would seek strength and encouragement from the Lord and remember why I pursued the degree in the first place (my enjoyment of philosophy, a unique opportunity to go part-time as a student, my ability to use this knowledge for the good of the gospel, to train my children well, to grow closer my husband within an academic setting, and many more) also that I would maintain an eternal perspective, free from discouragement.

-Pray that I would be vulnerable with my sisters in Christ when I need to be.

Think that is about it! Feel free to leave some biblical encouragement in the comment section if you wish, thank you in advance for your prayers!

See you back here in a few!