Marriage/Frugal Tip: If you live away from your family, consider swapping children with another family you trust in order to go out on dates (free for both families)! In this instance- the Lairds kept Augustine for a whole weekend while Shaun and I to had the opportunity to travel to Paris. In exchange: we are keeping her kiddos for several afternoon dates so that Margaret and Ben can enjoy some time together. Here is a picture post of one of our first afternoons keeping their fun kids.

I love this picture which captures personality so well: Meredith sharing her thoughts, Jonathan making sure everything is being cooked to par, and Augustine- in his nappy- minding his own territory.


Painting and playing with chalk…

check out Meredith’s lovely artwork!


Dinnertime: Shaun helped to serve the homemade pizza that the kids helped me make earlier!

Playing and Dancing!

All bathed, pj’d, and quiet watching some Charlie and Lola on the laptop…

Thanks Lairds for coming by and letting us keep your wonderful children. We truly enjoyed it!

Thanks for checking in on us!