Intriguing blogpost title huh?

Stereotypically, men want sex more than women. However, there is an ever-increasing (trust me, i’ve talked to some of you) who have the opposite role: she wants sex more than him. Where are the books and resources for these women to glorify the Lord well in a minority place in society? Here it is….

I recently read a WONDERFUL blogpost addressing this concern and offering an answer from a biblical perspective (though much more could be discussed within this topic, this is certainly a great introduction).

So, if you find yourself in this situation, I encourage you to click on the link above and get ready to soak up some truth from God’s word. If this is not your boat in life- read it anyway! Who knows which women will come to you for counseling one day with this sort of question- now you can be armed with truth by taking out a few minutes of your day with this post.

Thanks for reading!