Augustine and Shaun landed a stomach bug on Sunday, so we all stayed home to recuperate. During A’s naptime, Shaun and I decided to listen to the above (see link) sermon from Mark Driscoll. It is from the Proverbs series of Driscoll’s and specifically focuses on marriage. If you have a chance this week while you are doing the dishes/vacuuming/folding clothes- I’d recommend popping the free audio on to your ipod or watching this on your computer.

Here a few of the points I really enjoyed:

-As wives, we are either being “rottenness” to our husband’s bones or an excellent wife.

-If we treat our husbands with constant quarrel, loud and opinionated talk, or are apt to flirting with other men- we are disrespecting our husbands and it makes him want to leave.

-What does our husband know about what we are doing while he is away? Would he say that we are good makers of the home (taking care of our children, reading our Bible, praying, pursuing biblical pursuits) or would he say that we are probably being lazy (watching t.v., hanging out with the wrong friends, entrusting our heart with other men, not caring for our children)?

-A woman gives a gift to her husband when she fears the Lord.

I’d love to know what your thoughts were on this sermon! Feel free to leave a comment about what you enjoyed.

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