Following yesterday’s post, here is some inspiration for a fun giftbag to give to a mum (mom) with morning sickness. Go ahead and compile a giftbag while it’s on your mind, and keep in your closet to bring out when you find a new pregnant friend! Feel free to add/takeaway any of these items from your personal gift to other friends.

[I find it sortof fun to label each item as to why you gave the item to help- (see picture to the left)]

-Tart Candies: lemon drops, sour gummy worms

-Ginger: Lemon and Ginger tea, ginger ale, ginger Altoids, homemade ginger bread cookies

-Medicinal: Vitamin B, Seabands (great purchase)

-Tea: peppermint tea, mother’s tea (purchase at Babies R US, Mothercare), other fun decaf teas

-Drink: Orange Juice (great for Vitamin C), Lemonade, Powerade, Gatorade, Fun drinks: Izzies (find @ starbucks)

-Calming: Candles, Clean Air Spray, Socks, Bubble Bath, Lotion, Soap, Movies (perhaps a good chick flick, etc), a classical cd

-Spiritually encouraging: A godly book (anything from here), attach a handwritten card, Seeds Cds, Dana Dirksen Cds, Gettys Cds, printed out scripture on fun cards

-Fresh: Potted plant, fresh flowers, seeds to plant in a garden

Other: Print out a copy of yesterday’s post, a coffee mug, a can of soup (or other easy meals), peppermint chewing gum, a jar of lemon slices (can be found in a cocktail section- great to put in ice water for nausea relief), something fun for their other kids (coloring books, a new car, a movie, etc), a stylish new maternity shirt, homemade chocolate chip cookies, a fun piece of jewelry (earrings, necklace, a ring).

Compile it all together in a fun gift bag, pray for the recipient,  and treat this lovely young mother to some encouragement during a difficult season when you bring her some homemade dinner &/or dessert.

Any other ideas? Feel free to comment!