Just a little update to say I’ve made it to the final trimester (due date June 12th-ish)! I am feeling great and have a wonderful amount of energy- the Lord is to be praised! I have yet to completely develop a birth plan- but that might be for the best given the indeterminacy of the UK birthing system from what I am used to with a state-side birthing system (I would appreciate your prayers in this regard).

My To-Do’s til Birth:

-Go to a community meeting with mums in my local area who are also due the same time as me (this wednesday night).

-Re-read Babywise

-Decide where ( most efficient location) to place Baby #2’s clothes and put them there!

-Continue to pray over the delivery, post-pardum days (primarily my sanctification), and salvation of Baby #2.

-Prepare little “thank you” baggies for the nurses we will come in contact with.

-Decide whether or not to pursue cloth diapers and if pursued, determine which brand.

Any other suggestions for preparation? I’ve got a few more idea(s) of tasks to complete, but I don’t want to bore you to death.

I’ll end the post with some pictures of our lovely shared garden. In a building of flats, it is normal to share the outside location with everyone in the building (there are 6 flats total in our building). Fortunately for us though- no one hardly uses it! So, today you can see below, the Lord allowed us to put out 2 loads of clothes (you can see the lovely breeze too!)- I am so thankful for the sun and this place I call home. I am sure as the weather warms up I will post more pictures of the full garden. Until then…


Hope the rest of your weekend is well, we are off to spend some time together as a family.

Thanks for reading!