Yes, I know. It’s been awhile. but I haven’t left the blog world completely, I promise. We finally received internet service at our flat last week, so I hope to post somewhat more frequently than every two months ;). But alas, it was a nice sabbatical from blogging- and I’m eager to join in again. I truly enjoy sharing with you what the Lord has taught me- as well as what I’m reading, or what I’m learning, what I need help with, what Augustine is up to, amongst many other topics. I hope this new avenue of starting things back up will be challenging and encouraging for your relationship with Jesus. I’m super open to suggestions of issues you’d like addressed and discussed, so feel free to leave a comment or email me: joymichelleprice@gmail [dot] com.

A little change in blogging: I doubt I’ll be as consistent as everyday like I used to. Just to be vulnerable, I learned a few things whilst away from blogworld, namely: I just can’t justify blogging if I haven’t spent time with Jesus. I also realized that some priorities like cleanliness, meal preparation, friends, family, and schoolwork clash in hierarchy of my “to-do list” bringing blogging to a close (ha ha, or remote) second. So, with all that said, if you truly desire to keep up with me, fill in your email address in the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION box on the right hand side of the page- this way you don’t have to check back a zillion times to see if I’ve updated, AND you’ll receive a fun little email when I have updated. 🙂

So without further ado, here’s a little treat of pictures/videos to begin this season of crankin’ it back up. Augustine’s hair has been super long. Since he’s been a year old, I’ve personally cut it myself (not too shabby job I hope). However, we found this posh salon nearby and they charge children under twelve a £1 per your age. So, since Augustine is only a year old….yep, that’s £1 for a hair cut! And she was super nice and friendly. Can’t beat it.

So here’s a few pics of Augustine’s bedhead before the salon session. Yes, I left his hair in full remission of the normal comb-down so you could get the whole effect. Check that out…



There is a fun little waterfall that flows into a river with ducks that we enjoyed watching before the appointment as well.

Here he is all suited up for the appointment:

Look at all his little hair!

Tell Daddy all about it!

Here’s a picture of the final shot (though, I didn’t push to get him to smile)…

 a side profile view.

And here are a few video clips of the fun experience:

Thanks for viewing the update on the little Price family. Hope each of you are able to prepare some time with your Savior to start out a wonderful weekend of rest and rejuvination.