All glory to our God for enabling us to have another child! Our God is so good to us!

We are happy to announce that we are pregnant! I am currently 12 weeks (+2 days) along and am due June 13th. The baby is measuring a day off of the due date at June 14th. I only have a small baby bump showing on the outside, butΒ  cannot fit into my most of my jeans! I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to get back into my maternity clothes.

Our child was super active during the ultrasound and was turning and twisting around! Augustine and this next child will be great buds as they were both squirming when they “saw” each other. The heartbeat was pumping at a healthy normal speed and we enjoyed looking at him as well as a great profile shot of his nose and mouth.

My personal guess for the gender on this pregnancy is leaning towards female (though we will be finding out in a few weeks). This is also the real reason I haven’t been blogging nearly as much. Augustine’s pregnancy was blissfully fun and exciting (I used to joke with Shaun that I would be a surrogate mother if we needed extra money as I enjoyed being pregnant so much), and this pregnancy has had more symptoms of nausea and vomiting. To God be the glory for my wonderful husband during this season. He completely took over doing the grocery shopping, making the meals, cleaning the house (dishes included) and playing with Augustine. He has been such a source of Christlike love through his prayers and self-sacrifice- I have been falling in love with him all over again through his kindness. Since we’ve come to the states, my mom and sister have stepped in and helped play with Augustine a ton. I’ve been able to take naps and have felt much better as the weeks progress. Regardless of easy/hard symptoms, I am so grateful to be able to nurture a life inside! We could not be happier!

There are also other odd differences between the symptoms with Augustine’s pregnancy and this one:

-Preg 1: hated the smell of coffee Preg 2: love the smell of coffee!

-Preg 1: dreamed all the time and recalled them in the morning Preg 2: dream recollection is non-existent

I think that is all the details I can muster. We would love your prayers for the safety of this child throughout the rest of the pregnancy and his/her salvation (we can never start praying too soon!).

Thanks for reading!