Today Augustine turns 15 months! Here is an update of some of his progression.

-He can stand up on his own for at least 10 seconds.

-He can pull himself up on furniture and maneuver around it quite well!

-He can stand himself up without pulling on furniture.

-He can walk well when we hold both his hands.

-He can say (though unassociated with their meaning) “da da” “ma ma” “be be” “kat” “yep” “bye” and many other unintelligible utterings 🙂

-He loves dancing. He recognizes when music is playing and quickly starts to join in.

-He loves exploring!

-He loves to play fetch, throw him a ball, he will quickly crawl to get it and bring it back to you!

-He loves being tickled, especially anticipation involved in tickling. His squeal has become pretty contagious.

-He loves his daddy and has started crying when he leaves (this is new) as well as motioning for Shaun to carry him.

-He is enjoying learning how to turn pages in books and really enjoys touch-and-feel books.

-He is learning how to use the sign-language motion “more please” when he wants more food.

-He is understanding and responding to discipline well.

-He has dropped his morning nap and takes a two hour afternoon nap and sleeps from 7:30pm-7:30am at night.

-He loves painting, coloring (kindof), and patting these objects in a drumming noise.

-Augustine adores bathtime. He loves kicking his feet, splashing and playing with his bath toys.

-He has started learning how to play peek-a-boo himself. He will bury his head in the bed and then pop it up with a big smile!

-He is eating everything! He eats a full three meals a day, plus snacks. He is becoming very well at feeding himself too (food items like: bananas, orange slices, cheese slices, bread pieces, crackers, etc).

-He is officially on a sippy cup and thinks that bottles are only for babies 🙂

-He can crawl faster than you can walk!

-He loves making imaginary foods like ice-cream and soup for us to “taste-test” when using a kitchen bowl and spoon.

-He loves eating small objects… unfortunately.

-He is starting to snuggle with mommy when he wakes up from naptime which is a new tender side we are cherishing.

-He adores playing with toothbrushes.

-He gets super excited when he hears the “skype” ringing.

Congrats on turning 15 months little buddy, we are so proud of you and are thankful to have you in our lives! To God be the Glory for your presence! We love you!

Thanks for checking in!