Last night at our Community Group we spent our time in worship by reviewing the previous study on the names of God. We talked about how God is our provider, shepherd, peace, righteousness; as well as how he is always with us, our banner, and how is he holy. In like manner, I wanted to take a blogpost to praise the Lord in thankfulness for a few of the many reasons we have to praise Him.

  1. His glory
  2. Salvation. One of the greatest reasons to praise Him!
  3. His holiness
  4. His sovereignity
  5. His omnipotence
  6. His eternal perspective of everything
  7. He is our help in time of trouble
  8. His justice
  9. His love
  10. His victory over the grave
  11. His majesty
  12. His splendour and greatness
  13. He is filled with awe and wonder
  14. The nails in his hands
  15. He is beyond our understanding
  16. His creative works
  17. His thoughts about me
  18. Jesus
  19. The Holy Spirit
  20. The incarnation
  21. His goodness despite my sin
  22. His regard for the lowly
  23. His kindness
  24. His regard for many people
  25. His power
  26. His miraculous works
  27. His name
  28. His wisdom
  29. He is the God who sees
  30. The upcoming climax- our glorification!
  31. His numerous attributes that I haven’t even considered!
  32. His radiance
  33. His ability to know us intimately
  34. His Kingdom
  35. His earth
  36. His eternal reign
  37. His righteous words and deed- He is perfect in every way
  38. His charge over life and death
  39. Music with which to praise Him
  40. Sermons to learn about Him better
  41. Books to study about God better
  42. An ability to testify of his salvific work in my life through baptism
  43. The Lord’s supper
  44. I am thankful for my family- Shaun and Augustine are such wonderful gifts from God.
  45. His new grace and mercy every morning.
  46. Extended family
  47. Wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ
  48. American Friends
  49. Aberdeen Friends
  50. The body of Christ
  51. Food
  52. Clothing
  53. Shelter
  54. Health
  55. Medicine
  56. A comfortable bed to rest in
  57. Heat!
  58. An opportunity to go to school
  59. Financial provision
  60. Freedom from the bondage of sin
  61. The hope of heaven
  62. Starbucks- yes, this is certainly not a necessity, but it is something I am thankful for when I receive the opportunity
  63. Candles
  64. God’s word and how it sharpens me continually
  65. Prayer journaling
  66. An opportunity to speak about Christ through blogging
  67. Technology
  68. Fruits
  69. Vegetables
  70. Water
  71. People to minister to
  72. People who have ministered to us
  73. People who hold me accountable to God’s truth
  74. Sanctification
  75. Hands
  76. Fingers
  77. Legs that walk
  78. Senses that work- my, what my life would be like without senses of sight, smell, etc.
  79. Parenthood
  80. Laughter and joy
  81. Humility
  82. Peace in the midst of Trials
  83. Prayer- and that I can talk to God anytime I wish
  84. The beauty of nature
  85. Marriage
  86. Washers and dryers!
  87. Dishwashers!
  88. Cars!
  89. A heart that beats
  90. Grocery stores
  91. Animals
  92. The internet
  93. Email
  94. Telephone to talk to friends
  95. Skype to see family
  96. History
  97. Castles
  98. The ability to travel
  99. This day to worship Him
  100. The day when I will meet Him face to face…

What are you thankful for? Feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading!