(I am pushing augustine in his bug. [note strollers are called a buggy, and shortened to bug].

Shaun bought me my super cool leggings!)

Since we are to set sail for the States in less than a month, I thought I would use a blogpost to reflect on some of the joys of North Carolina as well as those in Aberdeen.

What I will miss about Aberdeen whilst away…

  1. Grocery Delivery. Order from my couch, shipped to my door the next day. ahmazing. (Check out this blogpost for more of what I am talking about)
  2. Walking anywhere and everywhere. I love that I can walk to school, church, grocery stores, coffee shops all within minutes.
  3. Living Simply. You can only fit so much into a one-bedroom flat as also our small frigerator/freezer. It is nice to step out of overwhelming materialism and buy literally only that which can fit into my home.
  4. Tea! I love that tea is the norm here. I will miss being served this on a regular basis. We also adore Rosie’ Thistle’s Tea Room- they have a delightful blueberry tea and are always so sweet to Augustine. Another favorite is the Eteaket Tea Shop in Edinburgh- they even have babycinnos! Well America- Here’s to upcoming coffee culture!
  5. This is our home. We have created a new haven for the Prices, and I will miss seeing the pictures on the wall or the newly hung decorations.
  6. Anastasia’s flower shop. This lovely florist hosts slightly older bouquets for £1- it is my absolute favorite to see Shaun walk in the door with a surprise of these flowers. sigh.
  7. Fresh fruits and Vegetables. I feel like there are hardly any perservatives in the food here, what a blessing for our bodies!
  8. Kombucha. I have thoroughly grown a kombucha over here and am sad to see that it might die. Any takers?
  9. Castles and amazing historical sights within a day-trip’s drive. This has been a beloved family activity for us on the weekends.
  10. Our Gerrard Street Baptist Church Family and Aberdeen friends. We have been blessed to quickly become known and loved. It is sad to miss our church for awhile after we have started to get plugged in.
  11. Kyber Pass Indian Takeaway. We love getting the student special of donner and chips with vinegar. Shaun is also fond of bringing a stash of just chips with vinegar to instantly bring a smile to my face.
  12. Traveling the world. We have been blessed with the opportunity to travel throughout Europe to see many of our friends abroad. We would not be able to afford such luxuries if we had to additionally fly over the big pond each time. This is such a fun and  unique opportunity.
  13. The calm of Aberdeen. I love that we aren’t consistently busy here (I think half of this was due to the constant ringing of my cell phone). We can be busy- but it is so nice to be able to enjoy our marriage and family each evening in a relaxing environment.
  14. Being literally 10 minutes away from the Aberdeen Beach. Picking berries at local farms, purchasing raw honey from the farmers. Seeing cows and sheep on a regular basis.
  15. The cool weather. 🙂

(my favorite spot at Falls Lake, with my shades, journal, and a pumpkin spice latte)

What I am looking forward to about the Ole’ US of A…

  1. Food! There are certain restaurants and foods which I can only get in the States. I love food, and am looking forward to many items! Such as: grits, Bojangles’ fries and Sweet Tea, Chick-fil-A, Nacho Cheese Chalupa’s from Taco Bell, a dainty lunch at the Olde English Tea Room, An Old-Timer Burger at Chili’s, Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, Canned Pumpkin, Andes Baking Chips, Mint Chocolate Chip Custard from Goodberries, Two Hotdogs for $1 at Sheetz, and many more!
  2. Dear Friends and Family- though Skype has been fun, I will look forward to seeing the faces of those I love. We are also looking forward to seeing my cousin’s baby Calen, my friend’s babies: Rhys and Addilyn, as well as the marriage of Shaun’s former roommate, Michael Martin. We are really looking forward to spending thanksgiving and Christmas with those we love.
  3. Target. Need I say more?
  4. Driving in the States. On roads with plenty of room on either side of the road- I am always cutting it so close on these roads over here it will be nice to have some more space. I am also looking forward to having a parking spot in my family’s driveway as opposed to driving around campus to find a spot late at night. We also enjoy driving to one of our favorite spots, Falls Lake (pictured above).
  5. Our Faith Baptist Church and SEBTS Families. This is our old church and school that we love attending and supporting. I am hoping to sit in on a few classes!
  6. Whole Foods. A massive health food store which is remarkable.
  7. Free babysitting. Shaun and I are in love with going on dates together, and our families are in love with Augustine- it’s a great combination.
  8. Unlimited Internet. We have a limited amount of space we can use when connected to the internet. Most browsing is fine- but it takes up most of our internet alloment to watch movies or sermons, any downloading or uploading, as well as streaming youtube clips. I am looking forward to using all the internet I want!
  9. Family Fixin’s: Grandma Blinson’s Sunday lunches: mac and cheese, twice baked potatoes, mouth-watering desserts. Mema’s (Shaun’s Grandma) breakfasts: grits, eggs, sausage, biscuits, coffee, ham- scrumptious. My mom’s healthy goodness: carrot cake, spinach artichoke dip, eggplant casserole, potato and leek soup, carrot and chicken alfredo with homemade sauce- incredible.
  10. Watching a movie the day it comes out, rather than waiting several months til it comes to the UK. Also I miss the $1.50 theatre.
  11. North Carolina Symphony. Student Discount Tickets at $10.00 to be purchased 20 minutes before the show begins. Shaun and I thoroughly enjoy dressing up in our fancy clothes and soaking in the beauty of classical music.
  12. I am looking forward to getting my guitar out of my mom’s storage and playing it. Argh, how I wish I could take that instrument to Aberdeen. We will certainly enjoy it while we are home.
  13. The local farmer’s market in Wake Forest on Saturday Mornings. I love tasting the differing foods and purchasing a fun new item like fresh honey. We also enjoy taking a trip out to the farm in Bunn to get some homemade pumpkin ice-cream.
  14. Relaxing at Shaun’s mom’s house at the Beach.
  15. The warm weather 🙂

There you have it! I can see that a majority of my favorite things revolve around food 😉 What do you enjoy about your home?

Thanks for reading!