This is a fun picture of Augustine. We are so thankful to the Lord for giving him to us. He is precious in his laughter and smiles. If you would take a minute, I would covet your prayers for both his salvation and for his little body to be made well, he is currently a bit under the weather today.

Dear Jesus-

I want to take an opportunity to come before you and thank you for loaning us Augustine for a little while. He is such a wonderful son- lovely to us in so many ways. Thank you for creating him uniquely and marvelously. Thank you that he radiates a smile and a peaceful demeanor. Thank you for his loving personality and his interest in your world. Thank you for enabling him to grow and develop. Thank you for giving him a love of music which worships you. Today we ask for you to begin to work in him now to bring within him a heart of repentance. We request that you would bring him to salvation at an early age and that he would glorify you well in his time on this earth. Continue to mold and make Shaun and I to be godly parents for him. We also ask you to heal his little body of his cold. Grant me discernment to minister and love him well. We praise you for being a God who is worthy of praise in so many ways.

Yours, Joy


Thanks for reading!