Recently I read a helpful post from my friend Tara on Nurturing your child through the Arts. Here is a brief idea she shares,

1. Drawing helps kids boost their confidence, improve fine motor skills, get reading-ready and hone their critical thinking ability. It also engages many areas of the brain, including the parts responsible for decision making, action planning, physical movement and memory.
  • Toddlers: Pudding Painting where you add drops of food coloring to vanilla pudding, and let the kids paint themselves (in the bathtub of course!)
  • Preschoolers: Create macaroni mosaics where raw pasta is mixed with liquid watercolors and then glued onto cardboard to make picture frames.
  • School-age Kids: Have your child lie down on a big piece of paper and trace their figure. Then they can sketch in the details, examining herself in a mirror!

We decided to give it a try. We even dared to use real paint instead of vanilla pudding (though we made sure Augustine had a heaping lunch so he wouldn’t be tempted to eat the paint).

Here are some pictures of the fun occasion, followed by a video.

And a wee video..

Augustine’s finished product…

What fun ideas do you have for triggering your child’s brain cells? Feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!