When it comes to watching movies, I find I am more particular about what I want to put into my mind as I tend to recall images and scenes years later. Primarily, I want to glorify God in my thoughts, so I try to be careful in my selection. As such, Shaun and I recently stumbled on a wonderful movie, Letters To God. Sure, it isn’t the most amazing acting I’ve ever seen- but it was still a great film that I’d like to recommend. Plus, you can rent it on itunes!

Pluggedin.com (a focus on the family review website) aptly states,

“My hope is that the audience will leave the theater with a new perspective on prayer,” says Letters to God co-director David Nixon, who is probably best known in Christian circles for his role in producing the films Facing the Giants and Fireproof. “If a little 8 year old going through cancer can write simple prayers to his best friend, God, every day, then anyone can pray to the God of the universe.”

Cynics will say his film is just another TV-grade, Hallmark-style tearjerker designed to prod folks into doing more for folks who have cancer. But while some of the acting is a tad amateurish and the script does have a number of dialogue potholes, it will mean much more than that to quite a few moviegoers—both those who have been directly impacted by cancer in their families and even those who haven’t.

Tanner Maguire’s Tyler is endearing and sincere. And his scene with Waltons alum Ralph Waite is probably the most charming and inviting moment in the film. And besides, is it really such a bad thing for a movie to make us want to lend a hand from time to time?

But that’s still not really the point. Based on a true story, Letters to God actually goes well beyond the tried-and-true tale of a sweet kid who has cancer. It does so by adding the spiritual dimension Nixon’s so committed to bringing into the picture. Ty’s faith is stimulating. His letter writing inspiring. His impact on those around him incalculable.

Hope you enjoy the film! What others do you recommend? Feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

[Photo courtesy: pluggedin.com]