Good Morning! Each month I purpose to honor the Lord in the way I conduct my time. One of the best ways to do this is through setting goals within life’s top priorities. I hope this list will encourage you to think creatively for honoring the Lord with your time. At the end of the month, I try to evaluate how well I attempted to accomplish the goals I embarked upon. I like to set high goals to challenge myself as well as to remind me of my imperfection and constant need for Christ. Thus, you can see below where I labored well and also where I faltered. That is what is so beautiful about Jesus Christ- He is perfect where I am far from perfect. He is my Savior and I can trust on His new mercies, grace, and strength each day. So here goes:

This last month’s main goal was to remain joyful in the Lord admist a changing environment.  We went to a conference in Edinburgh until the 4th. We officially moved out of our flat on the 14th of the month. Then we took a holiday out west the 15th-20th. Finally, we stayed in another friend’s flat the remainder of the month until our new flat becomes avalible tomorrow, October 1st! I also needed to prepare for school starting- attended my first class on tuesday! Thus, many of August’s goals were similar in order to stretch myself, but not overwhelm. All prayers were greatly appreciated!


Read all of Leviticus in my quiet times. Have Shaun check out an Leviticus Commentary next week from the divinity library. Should be finishing up today! Did not get the commentary though- I looked up some questions online. My, this sure was an interesting book! (Though to be completely honest, today, I am reading through some of the extra chapters I didn’t get through to complete this goal).

-Have devotions whilst on holiday (I am so bad about this, so I want to purpose to do it this month-any suggestions are helpful!) I did this to the best of my ability, I think there was one day that I did not have a devotion on holiday. It was still difficult to maintain- I really value any wisdom here!

-Listen to 5 sermons. Perhaps while making dinner or doing the dishes or folding the clothes or driving in the car. [Note: find free sermons at Mars Hill ChurchCovenant Life Church and Desiring God]. Yep! I listened to a lecture on Missional Homemaking from Lindsey at Passionate Homemaking, a Mark Driscoll Sermon on Mary and Martha (I wrote a response about this sermon here); one on Generosity. I also listened to a David Platt sermon on Job from a SEBTS chapel (The Glory of God in Suffering – Job 42 can be received by cd#2035 from here), and one more sermon from John Piper on Sin and another on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. (All the highlighted words are links to the sermons I listened to. Feel free to listen to them as well- All [except the Platt sermon] are free!)


– Make an effort to encourage Shaun with my words and have a joyful heart. Last month I noticed how easy it is for me to be sarcastic and critical with my words, I want to focus on honoring and respecting my husband (especially since it is his birthday this month!). I sincerely attempted to do this, and could still use some work on this! My, how easy it is to get into a habit of just joking around and being critical. I asked the Lord to convict my heart- and He definitely opened my eyes!

–Encourage him by looking up scripture verses pertaining to the above goal and memorise two of these verses. Nope, I am struggling to purpose to memorise scripture- any wisdom?

–Purpose to post these verses for Shaun through email or little notes in his clothes’ pockets as well as comment on how the verses pertain to our marriage. Nope, see above comment. Perhaps this can be a carry-over.

–Pray for him specifically every Thursday- and ask him how I can pray for him. Yep! Some thursday were better than others, but yes!

–Help him memorise Romans 1 (a carry over from last month). Nope, see note on scripture memory above. I joked with Shaun last night saying, “Hey, can you memorise all of Romans 1 tonight so I can complete my goal?” So much for helping huh?!….. This goal is a sad one to avoid completing as it has been a carry-over for quite some time. I must make this a priority.

–Pray together every night. We did pray together, but not every night. I think with the changing environment, we accomplished this better last month. Hopefully a steady place will allow a nice routinue to kick in next month.

–Take a date night to a romantic dinner (hoping to do this on his birthday!). Yes, twice actually. It was just lovely! One was for his birthday as well.


-While on holiday, show Augustine to places that demonstrate God’s creation and purpose to explain to him about God’s goodness while we are there. Yes. I don’t actually remember the specific words I said. But I know we were exclaiming how good God was numerous times as we drove around his glorious works of earth.

-Pray through The Power of a Praying Parent. I am going to do this every Tuesday of the month. I really enjoyed this goal last month and might continue it for awhile! (though when on holiday, I will not be using the book) Yes, I prayed for Augustine on tuesdays, I did use the book at least once. Some tuesdays were better than others.

-Play the doctrinal Question and Answer cds for Augustine at least twice a week. We played one of the cds a ton, now I want to play some of the other ones this month so he is familiar with all the good truth! Yes. Though, I still played the old cd as the new one is packed away.

-Finish reading Raising Godly Tomatoes (a carry over from last month).

-Read through 2 chapters of Nutrional information from books I’ve wanted to read. I am going to read these books every other friday. Nope. Didn’t happen…

-Purpose to post information on the blog pertaining to Kombucha and try to obtain all necessary materials for making it myself! Yes, read it here!

-Visit a new cafe.

-Visit a new Castle. We visited Urquhart Castle see post here.


-Have a joyful heart and flexible spirit admist change. Pray for this every monday. I prayed for this SO many times, though I can’t actually remember if I prayed it specifically every monday because it was my constant prayer.

-Soak up a few moments to myself while staying in Holiday Inn Express (one of my favorites). More or less, I think I would have liked to do this a little differently- I really just wasted my time on facebook. bleh.

-Drink water (try to have a pint by lunchtime). This month was not as good as last month with so many transitions. But I tried!

-Start school! Maybe read up in a history of philosophy book for preparation. School was great– I have obtained many great resources for updating myself in this new adventure.

-Walk outside on a regular basis (try to walk at least every other day). Nope, I walked a fair amount on holiday, but not as much as every other day.

-Start and finish reading Randy Alcorn’s Safely Home (a carry over from last month). Should you also want to read this book, order from Randy’s website as: All royalties received by the author and cover artist will be donated to help the persecuted church around the world. Amazing book- please read it!

-Pray about how the gospel and local church can be made evident in my life. Pray this every Wednesday. Could have been longer more in depth prayers, but yes.

Whew, well there it is!

How did you fair in your September Goals- Feel free to leave a link in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!