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Shaun and I are listening to a wonderful sermon on Mary and Martha (see Luke 10:38-42). Driscoll demonstrates that in this generation we tend to live in a Martha world- where our tendencies are to “go, go go, and do, do, do!” This type of over-working causes us to be anxious and troubled. Jesus said to Martha, “you are worried and upset about many things.” (see vs. 41)

Martha was more concerned with other’s neglect of work that she boldly bosses God around! She says, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!” (vs.40)

We must purpose to have Mary moments (namely, time with Jesus) in this Martha world. This isn’t a justification to be lazy, irresponsible, or sluggish in our work, but quite the opposite! We should prepare our work (the good characteristics of Martha) with worshipping Jesus (good characteristics of Mary).

Driscoll further comments,

“Mary, then Martha. Worship, then work. Worship God before you work. Then you can worship God in your work. …We must not volunteer ourselves as Savior of the world to plug every hole and meet every need, that job is already taken. And instead spend time with the Savior of the world, asking him what portion of the mission he has entrusted to your service. We want Mary’s heart and Martha’s hands.”

He encourages his congregation to prepare our days of work by worshipping God the previous night. Plan your nights to be a time of reflection, quietness, and rest. Allow your evening to be spent reading the Bible, good books, and praising the Lord through music. This enables us to take joy in our work the next day.

I encourage you to listen to this sermon as well! Perhaps take an evening with your husband to allow his words to challenge you in your busy agenda.

How do you prepare for your work with worship? Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment section.

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