This post is in honor of my dear sister Catherine. Today is her 18th birthday and I could not be more proud of the godly woman she has become.

Catherine has a tender heart, she consistently displays a Christward spirit of compassion. I recall on various occasions seeing her cry with others who were hurting, the plot of those unadopted, or sick and needy. She is quick to put her compassion into action by going on missions trips, helping babysit, making meals/birthday cakes, purchasing gifts, and praying fervently. She is an encourager and a cheerleader of truth to those in the body of Christ. She is loyal and a wonderful friend.

Catherine displays biblical womanhood extradornarily well. I cannot wait to see her in the roles of wife and motherhood one day. As a single woman, without a complainy desperation for marriage and children, she seeks opportunities to exude these feminine gifts. She babysits constantly (not to mention her own nephew!) and loves playing with children. She is involved in teaching children at church and those in her community. She also honors men around her- whether my dad, Shaun, her pastor, her teachers/professors- she tries to bring a smile by her bubbly personality or her fun heart.

Catherine loves her Jesus. I love this about her. She is a teachable student of his word. Many a time I have received a humble phone call from her asking forgiveness in areas where she has sinned against me and wants to honor Jesus by restoring our relationship. She asks for wisdom regularly. She genuinely desires to honor Christ in all she does. I love to hear her excitement about what God is teaching her. I love that she loves Southeastern College (where she attends, an undergraduate school of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) as she knows she is learning a wealth about Jesus and how to share him with others. I admire that she enjoys worshipping God through music. I admire her walk with the Lord as it is not stagnant but growing, thriving, and sanctifying.

Catherine is fun. Whether to the mall, Starbucks, a trip to Bojangles, Chick-fil-a, Krispy Kreme, or Sonic you can bet Catherine will be up for it with the window rolled down and upbeat music blasting out the speakers. I distinctly remember singing to Bethany Dillon many a time on the way to one of the above places and enjoying the fellowship therein. She has a wonderful taste for clothes (though she is thrifty too, constantly liking to borrow such from my closet) and accessories which are both tasteful and modest. She is beautiful both inside and out.

Stan, my brother, and I with Catherine as a baby

So, Catherine- Shaun and I want to wish you a very happy birthday. What a wonderful celebration of our great God, the life-giver. He has granted you 18 years of life on this earth and we can surely give him praise for how He has greatly used you for his kingdom in that amount of time! We are glad to see you pushing yourself to learn more about the Bible during these years in college and are looking forward to seeing you invest that knowledge into others. We are so thankful to be your sister by familial relations as well as through the blood of Christ. We love you and are so thankful to have you in our lives.

The End!

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