You have heard me mention this crazy word:

kom·bu·cha definition

Pronunciation:  /ˌkäm-ˈb{uuml}-shə, -chə/
Function: n
: a gelatinous mass of symbiotic bacteria (as Acetobacter xylinum ) and yeasts (as of the genera Brettanomyces and Saccharomyces ) grown to produce a fermented beverage held to confer health benefits
also : the beverage prepared by fermenting kombucha with black tea and sugar

….and now it is time to fulfill these September Goals and write a few posts on this lovely drink. I know, I know- yeast, bacteria, and fermented=lovely?! But trust me dear readers, it does! This drink has literally a million probiotics- compare that with the 6 probiotics which yogurt boasts. Drink this stuff, and you are just asking for a healthy immune system. AND- I am going to help you learn how to make it yourself- it is so cheap and simple you will wonder why you haven’t heard about this until now.

So without further ado, my friend Jo Smith, from Strathdon, Scotland has compiled some interesting information regarding this drink that I think will interest you. We will finish off the series with instructions for how to make kombucha. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and she/I will do our best to answer your questions.

Part One:

Many people are drinking Kombucha Tea (again, pronounced kom-BOO-cha).   Others are wondering what it is and why so many people are enjoying benefits from this daily drink.   The Kombucha Tea is healthy and refreshing.   It tastes somewhat like a sparkling apple cider with a tang of vinegar, depending on how long it ferments.  The benefits to the physical body vary widely.   It is said to enhance the immune system. By detoxifying the body, it makes it unlikely for disease-causing bacteria and viruses to find a suitable growth environment.   The tea is also known to rebuild the friendly intestinal bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus. This results in a healthier physical body!

People from all over the world claim drinking Kombucha Tea provides relief from many physical ailments. While it is not the cure to all the ills of mankind, it is a traditional fermented beverage used in many cultures to promote well-being.    Some of the reported benefits from personal testimonials are that it:

~ strengthens the immune system.
~acts as a gentle laxative, helping avoid constipation.
~aids in the relief of arthritis.
~cleanses the colon and gall bladder.
~aids in healthy digestion
~relieves colitis and stomach cramps.
~relieves bronchitis and asthma.
~clears up Candida yeast infections.
~aids with stress and insomnia.
~improves eyesight, cataracts and floaters
~relieves headaches including migraines.
~helps reduces the alcoholic’s craving for alcohol.
~eliminates menopausal hot flashes.
~clears acne, psoriasis and other skin problems.
~thickens hair and strengthens fingernails.
~vitalizes the physical body and adds energy.

Alright readers, check back in for more information in this series!

Thanks for reading!

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