(our coffee date)

All of our money is the Lord’s. We want to honor him with the finances he has allowed us to use. The Lord has blessed us as our earthly needs are fulfilled. Thus, with any additional resources he provides, we try to be wise stewards limiting our desires to invest in savings, and kingdom work.

(The comfy couch where we conversed the afternoon away)

For Shaun’s birthday we decided to set a smaller budget since we are paying for two school tuition payments this year and money is tight. Have you ever wanted to bless you husband but didn’t have the financial means to do so? Why not try something inexpensive to show him your love. Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity.

-Write a letter with 100 things you love about him.

-Write him a several page prayer. Pray over every specific area of his life.

-Give him a coupon for a day away from home. No kids, no chores, just a day to reflect and relax. He can drive to a local park, lake, or beach and have the opportunity to read a good book, write out his thoughts, pray, meet with His Maker. [Or give him a coupon for something that would minister to him: mow the grass, give him a massage, pay the bills, take out the trash, change the oil on the car, clean the garage, etc.]

-Write a love note on the back of a puzzle for him to piece together. (taken from thegenerouswife.com)

-Spend time making yourself attractive for him, wear his favorite outfit on you. (if you don’t know, ask him!)

-Make his favorite meal and/or dessert.

-Go on a date and let him talk, ask him a ton of questions. Perhaps read up on an area that interests him (the news, his dissertation topic, a sports game, etc) and ask him about why he is interested in such topics.

-Bring him breakfast in bed. If he is an early riser, make him a cappuccino (try this homemade recipe) or muffins for his trip to the office.

-Use a coupon book or online coupons to dine at a nice restaurant or coffee shop.

(picture of me on our date night!)

-Purchase a more expensive everyday item. e.g. Instead of purchasing an expensive t.v.; ipod; kindle for him, why not buy him a really nice tie, scarf, socks, pen, paper, hat.

(Shaun received a nice cashmere scarf)

-Leave notes in his pockets

-Type up a email of a favorite scripture passage inserting his name in the passage. e.g. Psalm 100:2 “May Shaun worship the LORD with gladness; let Shaun come before him with joyful songs.”

-For birthdays, make homemade decorations. Make tissue paper pom poms, see this tutorial.

-Deny yourself for his good…

-Kiss him. 🙂

I hope these ideas helped! What gifts have you given to your husband that he enjoyed?

Thanks for reading!